Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's Groupon: $79 for $136 worth of do-it-yourself meals at Let's Dish

Dear Groupon People:
I [heart] you.  You made my day.

Due to my recent bout of idiocy, I'm in baby prep mode.  Things I normally would have put off until 4 weeks out are now on my more immediate "things to do" list.  Going to pack my "go" bag this weekend so I have it ready.  Briefed my mom on situation and told her there may be a chance I'll need her sooner than expected.  Husband going to move guest bed to 4th floor to transition guest room to kid room.  Cleaned out fridge and freezer and started thinking about what meals I can make and freeze.  Then, like manna from heaven today's Groupon showed up in my inbox: TODAY'S DEAL: $79 for $13worth of do-it-yourself
meals at Let's Dish.

Basically with this deal you go to one of their locations and assemble the meals (they have a number of recipes to choose from each month) yourself and package them to bring home and freeze. All the prep work is done - you just follow the directions.

The 4 entrees you make can be enjoyed 2 ways:
  • Eight meals for 2–3 people (singles, couples, small families)
  • Four meals for 4–6 people (bigger families)
So yeah, I bought in before 8am this morning.  I'm down with paying $80 for idiot proof meals I can make and freeze before baby comes.  Saves me time and $ running to the store and prepping, etc.  I'm still going to make a number of my old standbys (sauce, pot roast, white chicken chili) but was thrilled about this offer.

A couple of things you need to know:

-You have 2 more days (it's Friday afternoon now) to buy in
-You have until Oct 31 to assemble your meals- so if you are due between now and early fall this will work for you
-You can upgrade the package! For a bit more you can have them assemble it and deliver it!
-If you like it- next time you return (if its shortly after you deliver- you can take advantage of their new mom's deal (free delivery).  However, you can't combine the free delivery with the Groupon.

Here are the locations for Let's Dish:
Columbia, MarylandAlexandria, VirginiaFairfax, VirginiaAshburn, Virginia; and Timonium, Maryland.

Here's the link:

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