Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Favorite Beach Snack Giveaway

So I've already admitted that I've succumb to a number of the traditional pregnancy cravings--but I'll be honest--there are a whole slew of cravings that pop up when summer rolls around...especially when I'm down the shore.  (Which is where I escaped to for the past week and a half.  God love my parents for holding on to their house in Ocean City, NJ!)  

I'm pretty good at not indulging myself  too much when I'm not pregnant.  However, when I'm pregnant I don't, um, hold back.  I didn't go too overboard this year, but I have had almost all of my favorite beach snacks at least once.  It doesn't help that my parents basically eat themselves simple all summer.  So I was thinking that I would "share the wealth" so to speak.  I've returned with three (3) different beach favorites, so I have three things to give away this month.  Obviously, some of my super perishable favorites like Mack & Manco's pizza, Dot's donuts and Kohr brothers ice cream couldn't survive the trip, but three did make it back with me.

Soooo...what's your favorite beach/summer time craving?  First person to guess each, gets it.  HOWEVER, I can't ship them so you will have to meet me somewhere to pick up in the next 5 days (I'm in Alexandria). Read: if you are in say, Fredricksburg, you better REALLY want this to make the drive to meet me!

Ok, let the guessing begin.  Just add your guess in the comment section.  

As always you have to be a subscriber, follower or fan to play.  Oh and just a teaser for August.  I have an awesome giveaway and discount coming in August!


  1. One would have to be salt water taffy. Frankly, I could go for some frozen custard and boardwalk fries right now...

  2. Yup. 1/2 lb of Shrivers Salt Water Taffy coming your way. Yum, fries. Shoot me an e-mail at and let me know where to meet you.

    Kind of thought the taffy would be the last to be guessed. The others are so easy. I'm going to eat them myself if no one guesses by Saturday!

  3. Hey Cara! I hope you're feeling better. Scary day yesterday. Taffy was a great guess-- but I'm also thinking fudge must be the mix. I'd personally go for a bit or two of funnel cake with my decaf this morning :)

    Hope you're OK-- we're worried!

  4. Nice Robin. Yep, half pound of Shrivers fudge (1/2 choc 1/2 vanilla) coming your way. Man I could kill some funnel cake right now as well.

    One left, might be a bit harder to guess if you're not familiar with Ocean City, NJ boardwalk favorites. This one is sold warm but is just as yummy when it cools off.

  5. Your mentions of Mack and Manco's and Kohr Bros
    are making me drool - so yummy!

    Could #3 be carmel corn?

  6. Yup. You are seriously lucky. Since no one had guessed it, I was about to start plowing through it. Ok, let me know where I can meet you. I tub of Johnson's Caramel Corn coming your way.