Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions: The boob or the bottle

Ok, let me preface this by saying I am not about to launch into some heady debate over breast feeding and bottle feeding...this is simply an intro to The Skinny on Infant Formula article I am posting on Monday!  It's my blog so I wanted to start out with a personal story.  Chill out, I will cover breast feeding as well.  I thought the title was catchy for a Friday afternoon...You're here, aren't you?

To breast feed or to formula feed – that is the question.

Since I was one of the last of my friends to have a baby I asked myself this question a thousand times before having Sophie.  Most of my friend’s breast fed their children — however, the amount of time they nursed varied greatly.  Some nursed for three months, some for more than a year.  Most pumped and eventually supplemented with formula, but a few breast fed exclusively.   Several of my friends chose not to breast feed at all.  I respect all of them equally and not until I was pregnant did I even know there was controversy over the issue.  I thought the most important thing was that the baby was well nourished -- regardless of how.  Silly me. 

I was very fortunate – I was only guilt tripped/lectured about breast feeding a few times; once by the hospital lactation consultant, once by a pediatrician, and once by a stranger.  Ok, there were probably others, but these three stick out in my mind because I came darn near biting their heads off.   Funny thing is…I did breast feed for nine (9 ) months!  However, my decision to pump early on so my husband could feed Sophie and my desire to eventually supplement some feedings with formula, ruffled the aforementioned people’s tail feathers. 

Yes, I’ve read all the literature on the benefits of breastfeeding and yes, I think it’s an excellent way to nourish your child -- but it’s not for everyone.  However, I don’t buy the “your baby will have more ear infections, be more prone to diseases, be obese or even dumber” arguments.  I was bottle fed, my husband was bottle fed, most of my friends and family members were bottle fed.  It wasn’t all that “en vogue” to breast feed in the 70’s!  And, nope, never had ear infections as a child, no major illnesses among us, schools range from good to Ivy League.   Oh and for the record, Sophie is almost two and has had one virus and one ear infection. 

So all that to say – I respect whatever decision you make.  It is after all — YOUR DECISION.  Good luck and god speed.

If you do choose to use formula -- I wanted to give you a quick primer on the three most popular brands out and the seemingly endless types of formula they offer: Similac, Enfamil, & Gerber Good Start.  There are other brands and there are even prescription formulas, but I am just going to discuss the one’s that most people use. 

On Monday I will post the Infant Formula Primer, an FAQ on formula, as well as a spreadsheet of where to buy formula for the best price in the area.  Not everyone can open the chart so shoot me an e-mail or just subscribe and I will e-mail it to you.

I am breaking this into two posts (maybe even three) because it’s a lot of info to absorb.  If you’re a first time mommy, get ready for your head to spin! 

Enjoy the weekend!

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