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Ok, in between my random mullings and sale updates, there’s actually some helpful information in this blog (or at least I hope there is!) I began writing the blog at the end of my first trimester and the posts kind of go along with the stages of my pregnancy.  So, if you are newly pregnant and new to this blog you might want to start with earlier posts. 

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Here are direct links to articles to make navigation of the site easier:

First Trimester Articles

Pregnancy Web Resources 

Choosing Your Ob/Gyn or Midwife

First Trimester Necessities

Pregnancy Phone Apps

Must Have Mom Books

Second Trimester Articles

The Skinny on 3d/4d Ultrasound

Second Trimester Necessities

Yummy/Yucky Pregnancy Side Effects
(There are six of these. This is #6, links to the others are at the bottom)

The Skinny on Vitamin D

The Skinny on Maternity Stores in the DC Area

Pregnant Women & N.A. Beer

Third Trimester Articles

The Skinny on Prenatal Massage in the DC Area (2 parts)

Maternity & Newborn Photography

The Skinny on Baby Wipes

Third Trimester Necessities

Natural Birth Series

The Skinny on Diapers

The Skinny on Infant Formula

The Skinny on Diaper Cream