Monday, May 10, 2010

The Skinny On: Maternity Stores in the DC Area

Shopping for maternity clothes can be both fun and frustrating. While it’s hard to hold back sometimes, it’s probably best to buy your clothes in stages since you have no idea how your body will morph. Before you go shopping, think about what your priorities are: Do you work in a formal office where you need to be in a suit or dress everyday? Is your workplace more edgy/fashionable or is it laidback and casual?

Honestly, since you will spend at least five days a week there, your job may dictate where you shop and what styles you buy. It’ll also dictate your budget. A more formal office might work out to your benefit. You might have to buy a few expensive suits/ dresses, but they might be interchangeable with a few different blouses, or accessories. If you work in a more fashionable environment, you’ll have more thinking to do since it’ll be easy for you to go overboard. A few designer pieces (dress, skirt, jeans) mixed in with less expensive shirts and staples might be the way to go. If you are in a casual work environment, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding clothes and you’ll probably be able to do it without breaking the bank.

However, regardless of your job, I think there are a few key items that every pregnant woman should have: A pair of designer maternity jeans that make you feel and look fabulous, a great dress (or two) that can dresses up or down, and a slammin skirt/pant that hides your muffin top (either a secret fit belly or if you’re into spending the dough, an Olian or Nicole Caramel high waisted skirt/pant). Oh and if you find a tee shirt or blouse you really love—buy a few if they’re not too expensive, because while you may want to diversify your shirts, you’ll most likely wind up wearing the one you love all the time and ignoring the “just ok” ones.

I didn’t really pop until the summertime when I was pregnant with Sophie and since I was teaching at the time, I really only needed casual clothes. Luckily, I am on much the same schedule with baby #2 so I am all good on summer clothes.   This time I needed a few nicer pieces…a few I purchased, but a few were inherited.

Which reminds me - before you go shopping, talk to you friends! Most of your friends who are in between or done having children will probably be more than happy to lend you their maternity clothes and get them out of their sight. Once you get your body back post baby, you’ll know what I mean!

Here’s where you can find maternity clothes (consignment to high end) in the DC area. I’ve broken this down into three sections: local maternity boutiques, chain stores, and online only boutiques. If I missed any, please let me know.

Local Maternity Boutiques


Daisy Baby & Mommies Too
(Predominantly a high-end baby furniture/gift boutique, now has maternity clothes. Well-loved, trendy store.)
4912 Del Ray Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 654-7477

Wiggle Room
(Consignment, mainly kids, some maternity, eco-friendly)
4914 Del Ray Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 656-5995


Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique
(High end maternity and baby boutique, nice selection, multiple designers. It’s a wee bit uppity, but really the only place to get high-end maternity (Olian, Chaiken, Paige, Citizens) in the area other than Pea in the Pod. You can shop online as well.)
115 South Columbus Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 535-5446

The Big Name Chains
(In alpha order)

A Pea in the Pod
(High end, multiple designers, excellent for business wear, dresses, jeans)

Mazza Galleria

Montgomery Mall, Bethesda
White Flint Mall, N. Bethesda
Columbia Mall

Fashion Center at Pentagon City
Springfield Mall
Tyson’s Galleria

Gap Maternity
(It’s Gap. Classic, decent prices, great for jeans and khakis, casual dresses and staple items. Not many locations in area, have to order online.)

Columbia Mall

Fair Oaks Mall

H&M Maternity
(Not the highest quality, but cute, trendy and cheap. Can’t shop online though.)

1025 F Street, NW
Washington, DC

Dulles Town Center
Potomac Mills

Mimi Maternity
(A step down from Pea; has a decent selection of higher end clothes but sales staff can be pushy)

Evidently they are closed. Mimi stores are now Motherhood Maternity, Pea in the Pod or Destination Maternity.

Motherhood Maternity
(The more affordable sister store to Pea & Mimi. Still good for some work pieces, more casual dresses, skirts, tee shirts, bras, tanks but often very cluttered)

Montgomery Mall
Prince George’s Plaza
Wheaton Plaza
Lake Forrest Mall

Tyson’s Corner Center
Potomac Mills
Dulles Town Center
Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets

Old Navy
(Less expensive sister store to Gap, quality isn’t great but it’s cute, fashionable and inexpensive. The local stores that have maternity sections are usually picked through. Go during the week if you can or shop online. I like their dresses, tanks, tees, and shorts best. If you want a pair of really nice maternity jeans—don’t get them here. )

Montgomery Mall
Prince George’s Plaza

Potomac Yards  (not anymore)
Baileys Crossroads, Falls Church
Dulles Town Center

(Target has done a great job of fulfilling a need and as such has a pretty strong following.   As you might have noticed, you have to go to a mall to get some of the other brands and many people don’t want to spend their time fighting with traffic to get to Tyson’s or Pentagon City to get maternity clothes. Target, however, is pretty much everywhere. The Liz Lange brand has incredibly affordable staple items, as well as cute dresses, blouses and bathing suits. A less expensive Bella Band is also available at Target, the BE Band, and it works just as well for half the price. They also carry maternity/nursing bras. It’s not Olian or Chaiken, but for the general working pregnant woman who needs cute comfort over high fashion, Target has what they need)

I am pretty sure there is a maternity section in every location in DC, MD & VA.

Online Only Stores

More of Me Maternity (Bethesda based)
(Local designer. Small line to choose from, but classic looking pieces that few others will have.)

Tummies Maternity (Baltimore Based)
(Cute and trendy clothes, higher end designers. Some great deals on designer maternity clothes)

eMommie (Richmond based)

Moody Mamas
(Cool line of maternity clothes. A less expensive version is now being carried by Target. If not in your local store, check Target online.)

It's Hip To Be Round
(Ok this actually does have a store, but it's in Richmond. However you can shop online and they carry some cool up scale clothes and denim)

Ann Taylor Loft Maternity
(I can't believe I forgot this one.  Ok AT Loft has some really cute maternity clothes for work and going out.  They carried the maternity line in some of their stores for (as my one friend put it) "like a minute," but now they only carry it online.  Some cute stuff but mid to higher range pricing.  Don't know how long the line will last) 

Lastly, Macys, Neimans, Nordstrom’s, and even Kohl’s also carry maternity, but not all locations and some just carry repeats of what Motherhood or Pea carry.


  1. Great rundown of where to shop maternity in the area. As a sidenote the Potomac Yards Old Navy doesn't carry maternity anymore. Falls Church still does, although like you said it's basically picked over. I've gotten a few things a size or two larger than I normally wear from there and that works even better than maternity. I don't work so I don't need the cute things. Just casual that will last a few months. Wanted to also thank you again for your 3D/4D u/s review. I was torn on whether or not we needed to do it, did it Saturday and it was the best Mother's Day present ever!! And Jeanne was so sweet!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Kari! I updated the Old Navy listing. So glad you enjoyed the 3d/4d ultrasound! You're far enough along to have probably gotten a really clear view of the baby's face/features. Bet you really can't wait to meet him now! :)

  4. Although it's a bit far, the Old Navy in Manassas has a maternity section.
    Also, Mimi Maternity is no more. They've converted all of the Mimi stores into either A Pea in the Pods or Motherhood. The one is gone in Pentagon City and the Mazza Galleria - I tried to go to both.
    There is also a Richmond Based online store called It's Hip to Be Round - great selection of Olian, Designer Denim.

  5. Thanks for that! Crazy, I called Mimi in DC yesterday and they still answered Mimi Maternity. I thought something was up b/c Pea in the Pod doesn't even list them anymore and there is no Mimi website. I believe they may have converted Mimi into "Destination Maternity" a mix of Pea and Motherhood. Thanks so much I will edit. Also I saw Hip to be Round, I thought it was Virginia Beach based-but regardless I will add it as well. Thank you!

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