Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check out the Preggiepon Section for some new deals

I just added a few more sales/discounts to the Preggiepon section

Nursery Furniture Sale @ Babies R US (only 2 days left)   
JJ Cole Bundle Me for $20 @ Amazon.com & Babies R Us*
BOB Revolution on Sale at REI

*If you're like my friend Aubyn who had no clue what a bundle me was until she actually got one-it's awesome and I highly recommend it.  Basically it goes over the car seat and you zip it around baby so no need to smash your little one into an uncomfortable jacket/coat in the fall/winter.  Just dress them appropriately for the weather and then zip the bundle me over them.  When you go into a store you can just unzip the front so your little one doesn't overheat.  I love this thing.  I bought a second one --a toddler sized Urban Bundle Me for S's stroller (since she grew out of the other one). Came in handy this past March and will again in the fall

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