Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't let the weather bring you down! Get out and about with baby!

It's not officially winter yet, but it certainly feels like winter outside.  If you've just had a baby or are due in the next few months, there's a good chance the short days and the weather will have an impact on you...and not in a good way.  

As if having a newborn to take care of isn't tiring enough -- the weather and the lack of sunlight can really bring you down when you are home.  I'm telling you from experience--as soon as you are physically able--get out and about with your little one or you are going to be miserable.  

How? Here are a few ideas:

Find your local MOMs Club (http://www.momsclub.org/links.html#Virginia), get exercising with your little one (Stroller Strides/ Mommy and Baby Pilates).  Sign up at one of the baby gyms in the area (Gymboree, Little Gym, My Gym, JW Tumbles -- are all located throughout the area and offer relatively similar classes for 3 month olds).  Both Arlington and Alexandria Library systems offer free baby/children's programs each week.

Finding a MOMs Club is probably the first thing I'd recommend.  The dues are usually low (about $25/year) and it gives you access to mom and baby events in your area.  The other groups/activities almost all require a membership fee + monthly tuition...so you'll want to make sure you find the one that's right for you.  

One local mom started putting together "sampler" programs for new moms.  Robin Churilla started Onesies DC to help moms learn about different programs in the area for mommy and baby.  For around $200 you get 6 weeks of classes for you and your baby.  Each week it's a different class.  For example, one week you might do Stroller Strides, another you do Baby and Me Yoga, and another you may do a music and rhythm class.  At the end of the six weeks you then have a new group of friends and a better idea of what activities you'd like to do in the future.  I just thought it was an interesting idea that new moms might want to check out...especially if you are new to the area.

OnesiesDC  (locations in MD and VA) 

Stay warm.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cancelled - Mommy's Morning Out/Planet Jill Holiday Party - Mon Dec 13 10-12

Sick kids.  Will reschedule in new year.  If you want to order something from planet jill for the holidays contact Sheree at dinkelsheree@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cancelled/Reminder Mom's Morning Get Together/Planet Jill party Mon Dec 13

Hey all,

This is just a reminder that I am hosting a Holiday Mom's Morning / Planet Jill party in Alexandria on Monday December 13th.  If you decide to order a piece of jewelry from Sheree you'll get 15% off your order.  If you are interested in attending please contact me at momblogva@gmail.com.  

New Moms: Can't make it, but interested in purchasing something from Planet Jill?  You can still get 15% off!   

Moms-to-be: Love a necklace, but preggers and (obviously) don't have a picture of little one yet?  Buy a gift card at 15% off (and when you order you can get an additional 15% off!)

But you must place your order by December 20th.  Contact Sheree at dinkelsheree@yahoo.com to order!

Check out Planet Jill's products at:

529 Kids Consign sale

Ok 529 Kids Consign is having a winter sale on their site.  Enter the code BRRR at checkout and receive 20% off your purchase now thru Saturday.  Remember 529 Kids Consign now carries maternity clothes!

Also 529 will have their clothes at Telegraph Station on Friday Dec 10 from 10:30-12


Need something a bit dressy for the holiday? Olian maternity sale on Totsy

Hey all,

Should you need something to spice up your maternity wardrobe for the holidays--Check out the Olian maternity sale on Totsy.com.  There are some really pretty pieces on sale for way way less than retail.  Sale ends Thursday am.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cancelled/Mommy's Morning Out/Planet Jill Holiday Party - Mon Dec 13 10-12


Hi Ladies,

Long time, huh?  So, in case you haven't noticed by my absence, I still don't have the juggling two kid thing down.  Also, remember when I was gloating about how great it was that Sophie was in school 3 days a week?  All the free time I'd have? HAHAHAHAHA -- that's when she actually goes.  She is currently in what I call the "building up her immune system" stage.  She's pretty much been sick 1-2 weeks every month since September.  Our most recent incident was by far the worst.  The small wonder brought a wicked stomach virus home.  You think you are in poop and puke hell now new moms?  Just wait till their first real illness!  It's gut wrenching (to see your kid in pain) and at the same time truly, truly disgusting. One of the most disgusting things I've ever had to deal with.  That little bug made its way through the whole family, save for Olivia (thank God).  She even got my parents sick.  

Soo how was your November?

On a happier note I wanted to invite you to a play date/ mommy morning out event I am hosting in Alexandria on Monday December 13th from 10am -12pm.  

My friend, Sheree, is a Planet Jill representative.   Planet Jill (www.planetjill.com) makes unique photo jewelry and gifts.  Their photo necklaces and accessories are gorgeous and make great mom, mom-to-be, and grandparent gifts.  Sheree will have samples of the jewelry and accessories for you to peruse.  If you see something you like and want to order - you'll receive 15% off your purchase.  

I have spoken with a number of you via e-mail or via posts on the blog, but have only met a few of you.  I wanted to have this little morning event to say thank you for humoring me and reading along.  There's no pressure to buy anything, you can just come and meet new moms and other moms to be, chat and enjoy some pasteries.

Kids are welcome-but you must rsvp! 

If I get enough responses the girls from 529KidsConsign.com will set up maternity and kids clothing rack!

Oh there will be a few giveaways -  an adorable Red Envelope baby robe, two handknit baby blankets and possibly more!

If you plan to come by please e-mail me at momblogva@gmail.com