Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Skinny on Pregnancy Web Resources

Ok there is a lot to figure out when you’re pregnant and it helps to have numerous resources at your fingertips.   However, all the information can be a little overwhelming. 

Here are some national and local sites I found useful:

Babycenter, The Bump & What to Expect

These sites are quite similar, so just go with the one you’re most comfortable with.  They all provide excellent information on everything from trying to get pregnant to preparing your child for school. The What to Expect site is a spin off of the book, What to Expect When Your Expecting.  Personally, I am a Babycenter adherent since I didn’t know of The Bump during my first pregnancy, but I checked it out and it’s legit.  It’s run by the same people who put out so there is a slight cheese factor, but I can’t lie and say I didn’t love reading the The Knot when I was planning my wedding!

All three sites have a “pregnancy tracker.” Once you sign in with your due date they will send you weekly e-mails telling you what’s going on with your pregnancy that week. I found the Babycenter e-mails interesting and informative.  After your deliver the e-mails continue, only the updates change from “Your pregnancy this week” to “Your baby this week.”  I have to say I like these updates better than the pregnancy ones.  There would be weeks when my husband and I would be racking our brains trying to figure out what was going on with Sophie’s behavior.  Why she wasn’t eating as much some days or why she was refusing to sit in her car seat, among more serious concerns.  On nearly half dozen occasions I’d receive a Babycenter e-mail that talked about exactly what Sophie was doing.  (And yes, we read a number of baby books).  The one major difference I noticed with the sites was that only The Bump and Babycenter have local DC forums.  However, all three have a ton of calculators, charts and checklists.

Lilaguide is put out by  The site touts itself as “The word of mouth survival guide for parents.”   Essentially it’s a local review and advice site—just make sure you enter “Washington, DC.” On it you can post or find reviews on just about everything baby; from baby gear and parenting classes to pediatricians and preschools.  Can’t say I love the set up of the site, but it’s worth checking out.

DC Moms Like Me
Website and discussion board for Parents in the DC area.  Interesting, but will be more useful to you after the baby is born.  Again, worth checking out.

DC Urban Moms & Dads
A great site if you live in DC or MD (PG or Montgomery County). Provides advice and support to parents, as well as forums on numerous issues from schools to politics.  Can be a little too political at times.

Washington Parent & Nothern Virginia Magazine
Web versions of two local magazines.  Washington Parent is more useful to new parents, but Northern VA Magazine has a family section and often has parenting specific articles.

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