Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in a Name?

So about the name… you got the “Expecting” part, right?  As for the rest, it’s a play on the term “Inside the Beltway.”  The Capital Beltway is the name for 495, the interstate highway that rings the city of Washington. Geographically, “Inside the Beltway” refers to the area inside the ring; DC of course, but also the inner suburbs of Virginia (Arlington County, Alexandria City, Falls Church City and parts of Fairfax County), as well as Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Inside the Beltway also refers to a state of mind found within beltway -- a kind of “we’re way more in the know than you about what’s really going on in DC (i.e., in the Federal government)” attitude.  If you work for the federal government or are a lobbyist, contractor or reporter, you will no doubt use this term at some point during your time here.  TBT, we probably do know more about what’s going on because our livelihoods depend on it.  After living here a while though you will know more than you ever wanted about the inner workings of the government – and some of it will make you sick! 

If you are looking for housing in the area this post might actually be helpful to you.  If you plan on working in DC, you really are going to want to live “inside the beltway” for your sanity’s sake.  DC has the 2nd longest commute in the nation.  Traffic is a nightmare here and rush hour seems to last from 7-10 am and then from 3-7 pm.  More than five (5) million people live in the DC metro area and some 500,000 commute into DC each day.  Let me put it this way: When I lived in PA I drove 22 miles to work each day (most of it on the PA turnpike) and got to work in less than 30 minutes.  When I worked in DC, I commuted 7 miles from Arlington to my office on 13th Street.  It would take me 30 minutes on a good day, but more often than not, it took me damn near an hour. 

I’ll post again about the different neighborhoods in the area, but for now I will leave you with this.  If you really need to drive to work, live inside the Beltway.  If you are ok with public transportation or ride sharing then outside the beltway is just fine.  Otherwise you are in for a really long and frustrating commute.

Sorry I didn’t talk layout of the site or doctors yet. Today got away from me a bit- our HVAC crapped out and my little wonder decided to only take a 40 minute nap…and now I gotta go -- Bunco night.  A guilty pleasure I will explain another day. 

I look forward to talking to myself again soon!

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