Thursday, July 15, 2010

So you know how I am always reminding you to stay hydrated?

I should take some of my own advice...I'm on modified bed rest ladies and came 1 centimeter from landing myself in the hospital. 

So I thought I had taken in enough water over the past few weeks.  I really was trying, but I was also running around with Sophie non-stop.  Taking her to the beach, boardwalk, zoo, pool etc-- often by myself.  Evidently, not a smart move.  Turns out my body seemed fine because it was drawing fluid from the baby.  At my ultrasound on Monday my amniotic fluid measured 6.9 centimeters.  At 33 weeks it should measure between 15 and 25 centimeters.  Once you hit 5 centimeters, you are in serious danger of going into labor.  Awesome, huh?

After my ultrasound they hooked me up to monitors for 30 minutes and did a non stress test to monitor baby's heart and my heart and contractions.  (Sophie, the poor thing, was trapped in her stroller in the hospital for more than two hours while this was going on--she was a trooper) 

The baby, thank god, is in great condition.  I, however, was read the riot act by my doctors and told to sit on my arse and drink water till it comes out my eyes this weekend.  On Monday they will measure my fluid level again.  

It is almost impossible for me to sit still, especially now that we're 7 weeks out -- so this is going to be hard.  However,  since I am allowed to sit in bed and be on the computer...maybe I will get some other posts finished!


  1. Thank you for the reminder and warning! I am 32 weeks and had a marathon day running around town but was sitting here ignoring a bottle of water. No more -- downing this water.