Monday, July 19, 2010

Phew, Crisis Averted!

With the help of my husband, a babysitter to pinch hit for two hours each day, a fair amount of sitting on my butt, and nearly 500 ounces of water/gatorade -- I was able to get my fluids up in four days and am in the clear for the time being.  Baby looks good and water is up from 6.9 centimeters to nearly 13 centimeters, which they said is perfectly fine. (Although for some reason I had 15 as the number to beat in my head).  I have to go back on Thursday so there will be no slacking off on the water intake.  

Thanks to Dr. Poggi and Vicky at the Brock Perinatal Diagnostic Center for being patient with me when I had to pee several times during the test!

Sophie and I are sharing a celebratory burrito bowl from Chipotle, our favorite.  I even gave her the lion's share of the guac!

Ok, just an update.  Drink up ladies - it's hot out there and as much as you probably want that baby out at this don't want it to happen this way, nor before 37 weeks.  For your health and the baby's you want him/her to cook as long as possible!


  1. I'm so glad to read that things are going well after that scare. It's hard sometimes because you feel like you're drinking so much you're drowning but this darn weather is not kind for pregnant lady hydration. I read your last post and you totally spurred me to ensure I was drinking enough, of course two days later my little guy was born, but thank you for reminding me and everyone else that we need to drink. :) I hit a wall and realized I needed to sleep and got some sleep finally so I agree with you I was crazy for posting not sleeping. First time new mom rookie mistake. I paid for it. :) I have another post percolating now but I've been trying to rest more now. Absolutely you can post a link to my ridiculously long birth post. Good luck staying hydrated and I hope these last weeks of pregnancy cool off and you get some relief from the heat!!


  2. SO glad that your fluid levels went back up! I had a scare last Tuesday which brought on contractions at 35w5d - they were 4-5 minutes apart, and I'm almost 100% certain (although no ultrasound confirmation) that they were brought on by dehydration. I've since learned my lesson, even though I'll be 37w tomorrow.

  3. cara mia - so glad you are ok. beaser & i were worried about you! take care of yourself girlie.

  4. Glad you and the baby are all right. And thanks for the reminder! Pregnant or non-pregnant, we should all be better hydrated. (I'm trying too!)