Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Me

If you have a young child you are probably familiar with the book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” If you have one on the way--get the book--it’s a favorite among young children. As I was reading it to my daughter yesterday something awful dawned on me when I got to what the caterpillar ate on Saturday.

Ready for it?

I am almost positive I consumed more junk than our little caterpillar friend did last Saturday. Making it weirder was the fact that I consumed many of the same things the caterpillar did. Remember what he ate? It was a pretty gross combo. Like the caterpillar, I had a wicked tummy ache Saturday night.

Before judging me know that it was my first beach trip of the year, there was no food at my parent’s house yet, and I attended a kid’s party while I was there.

The VH Caterpillar’s Saturday Menu:

1 piece of chocolate cake
1 ice cream cone
1 pickle
1 slice of cheese
1 slice of salami
1 lollipop
1 piece of cherry pie
1 sausage
1 cupcake
1 piece of watermelon

My Saturday Menu:

2 Dot’s Pastry Shop cream donuts
Part of Sophie’s banana

1 Liverwurst sandwich (I know, I not supposed to eat this)
1 Pickle

Lunch #2 (after friend’s christening)
3 slices of Prep’s pizza
A lot of French Fries
1 Ice cream sundae

2 servings of Sausage, potatoes & onions
1 piece of choc cake
Several strawberries

At least the caterpillar ate “a nice green leaf” on Sunday and felt better. Can’t say the same for myself. After a bagel at the March for Babies, I managed to put down a Sac O Subs hoagie, some Johnson’s popcorn and some Laura’s fudge.

Up until last weekend I had only gained about 8 pounds. Gotta imagine I packed some on this weekend. Thank god I won’t be down there again for another month.

Ok random story over.

Check back tomorrow for Pregnant Woman v Food: The Pickle Edition!

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  1. That sounds like a great weekend of eating great food!! I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar. :) Thanks for dropping by with support during my stressed out moment.