Monday, April 26, 2010

The Greatest Trick The Baby Ever Pulled Was Convincing Her Momma She Was In Her Crib

So my dear five readers, I have to apologize for going silent the past four days. I headed home to PA at the end of last week and then to the shore for the March for Babies. While it was a great weekend, it was also a very chaotic and internet-less weekend. I had hoped to post on Friday, but turns out my 19 month old decided to start climbing out of her crib late last week and continued to perform her new trick at my parent’s house in PA and in NJ. My favorite moment came on Thursday afternoon. After making certain Sophie was in her crib and settled for her nap, I went down to the family room (monitor in hand). I could hear Sophie playing with her little talking frog. Then it went relatively silent.

My mother had decided to take a nap and so I decided to try and “borrow” the neighbor’s internet signal and do a little writing. I could hear some beeping on the monitor, but assumed it was just the noise machine in her room and figured it needed new batteries. I was enjoying peace and quiet that is rare for a visit to my parents, when out of nowhere this little person appears in the family room and walks right by me with a bar of soap in one hand and a cordless phone in the other. She walks to the middle of the room with biggest smirk on her face and just looks at my mom and I and starts laughing.

Soo, awesome, I not only have a climber, but a stealthy one that managed to climb out of her giant crib and make it down steep stairs without making a sound. The beeping I heard should have tipped me off: it was the phone.

In addition to her climbing abilities and stealthiness, her strength is also starting to worry me. She can’t seem to place her sippy cup on the coffee table when she’s done with it, but she managed to carry a swing, a ride on toy, a potty, and a heavy carved cat and place those on the coffee table. I’m currently wishing Xavier’s School from X-men was real so I could enroll her. Alas, it’s not and so I have put up a few extra gates to keep her from getting into trouble and hurting herself. I’ll deal with the bed conversion now that I am home. For the time being I might take my friends advice and scale back on Gymboree since I really don’t need her to be much stronger or get any more ideas!

All that to say..Sorry, check back tomorrow for Second Trimester Necessities! Later this week, Pregnant Woman v Pickles.

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  1. I'm sure you've had many more than five readers. This post was particularly hilarious. Your Sophie has a sense of humor.