Thursday, September 23, 2010

Similac Recall - Powdered Formula

So evidently beetles and beetle larvae were found in an area of the Abbott plant in Michigan where Similac powdered formulas are produced.  Um, yuck.  Abbott labs imediately shut down that area of the plant and issued a voluntary recall of 5 million containers of  Similac powdered formula.  However not all Similac formula is being recalled. Ready to feed formula iand specialty formulas are not impacted.

Here's what included in the recall:

Similac powdered product lines in plastic containers

Similac powdered formula in plastic containers: 8 oz.,12.4 oz. and 12.9 oz can

What to do if you think your formula is included in the recall:

Well you can try to check the website but you mightnot be able to get on--it crashed earlier today from all the traffic.  Try this link too

Anyhoo, try it at an off time during the day or maybe in the middle of the night and you might have better luck.  Or call Abbott labs at (800) 986-8850.  Abbott is giving full refunds if you have a container that is a part of the recall. 

If you can't get through today  -- don't freak out.  Improvise, adapt and overcome.  Stop using the formula for today -- buy another brand or ready to feed to use for the next few days until the dust settles and then try to get through to Abbott.

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