Monday, September 20, 2010

September Giveaway & Discount -- Diaper Cakes by DC Baby Love

Haven't had your baby shower yet or have a friend with a baby shower coming up and want to get a creative and practical centerpiece for the party?  Consider getting a diaper cake!  I didn't quite understand the whole diaper cake thing when I was pregnant with Sophie -- mainly because I'd never seen one and didn't get what it entailed.  When I finally saw one last year I was disappointed I never got one :(

When done right, it's a really cute and useful gift.  Diaper cakes are made up of diapers, onesies, burpcloths and sometimes, sleepers, wash cloths, blankets and other baby goodies.  Let me just say -- now that I am in the thick of it again -- I'm thrilled to bits any time someone gives me diapers!  

Like the other businesses that have sponsored giveaways on this site, DC Baby Love is local, female owned, company.  Check out their site for more info and more "cake" options!

So, here's this month's giveaway:

A $60 gift certificate to DC Baby Love.  You can use it toward 2 small cakes, one medium ($60) cake or use it as credit towards a larger custom cake. It's up to you! However, the larger the cake, the more diapers and other goodies!

How can you win it?  

As usual you have to be a EITB e-mail subscriber or FB fan.  This time you do actually have to be pregnant to win and you must live in DC, MD or VA.

To enter let me know what your cake would look like in the comment section of this post.  I know somewhere deep (or not so deep) down you have your baby's room planned so you have a theme or color scheme in mind.  So tell us how you'd design your cake.  Doesn't have to be long.  Unless Katie thinks one is truly over the top, we'll just do a random drawing on Friday Sept 24. So you need to enter by the time I get up on the 24th...which is at like 5 these days!

This month's discount for all EITB subscribers/followers:
25% off diaper cakes at DC Baby Love through October 31.  Just mention EITB when you order.  Oh and since they are non-perishable you can order one for a friend (or yourself) even if their shower or due date is months away!

Thanks to Katie at DC Baby Love for this month's giveaway!
Phone: 202.210.0697


  1. I'm due in February. We are planning on decorating our nursery with a winnie the pooh theme. So it would be great to have a cake with a few pooh characters with light yellows and greens.

  2. We're due on 10/30/10 and having a girl. The nursery is an eclectic mix of enviromental themes, yoga and of course baby. Lots of green, globes, OM symbols and animals.

    I'd decorate the cake with green, orange and purple, and include some cloth and/or non-cholorinated diapers as a reminder of options that are ecofriendly!

  3. Hi! So fun! The cakes are precious!

    I'm due January 24th and won't know what we're having until the birth day. That said, we're converting our office-- keeping the same taupe paint but filling it with(hopefully) snazzy, gender-neutral black and white furniture and bedding.

    Thanks, Cara! I hope Sophie and Oli G are doing well.

  4. I'm due the first week of Jan with a girl, but since my better half is overseas our room planning is very slow going. Probably a light green or light seafoam, with some light purple thrown in.