Monday, August 16, 2010

EITB's August Giveaway: My Three Cuties Gift Basket

Speaking of cool/useful shower gifts...When Sophie was born, a friend of mine gave me a couple of the cutest burp cloths from My Three Cuties.   I absolutely love them!  Not only are they cute, but they're extremely durable as well--I just washed them to get them ready for baby #2 and they are in fantastic shape!  I received a number of other burp cloths for my shower and they paled in comparison!  (My Three Cuties burp cloths are made out of cloth diapers so they actually stay put on your shoulder and cover a large area!)  In addition to burp cloths, My Three Cuties also carries beautiful handcrafted baby blankets, hooded towels, pacifier clips, grab and go bags, and toddler belts in your choice of fabrics! Oh and it's a local business!

This month EITB is giving away an awesome gift set courtesy of My Three Cuties!  The gift set includes a big cutie blanket, a small cutie blanket, a hooded towel, and set of 2 burp cloths!  Oh and the winner gets to choose the fabric they want from the My Three Cuties website!   My personal favorites are the sock monkeys and apple blossoms! (retail value: +$130)

Check out My Three Cuties products online at:

So here's how to enter: 
1) You must be a Facebook fan or an EITB follower/email subscriber to enter.  
2) You must be pregnant or have a child 3 months or younger.
3) Oh, and you need to live in the DC, MD or VA (DC Metro Area)
4) Let me know what the worst/most useless or strangest baby gift you've ever received (or if you haven't had your shower yet-what's the worst gift a friend's received).
5) Enter by Wednesday, August 19th at noon.  Winner will be announced Friday, August 20th!

But wait, there's more:
** My Three Cuties is also offering a 20% discount to all EITB fans/subscribers until September 1.   Enter EITB at the checkout!

Local boutiques carrying the My Three Cuties line include:
Appleseed, 115 S. Columbus Street in Old Town Alexandria, VA. 
A Show of Hands, 2204 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA. 
The Artisans, 1368 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA


  1. Megan told me they have an owl print so sign me up!! The worst gift I received was an acrylic scratchy blanket. It felt like a brillo pad.

  2. I am in my final weeks and I can't think of a worst gift. Just thankful for the generosity of my family and friends. Maybe after the baby is born I might rethink those cloth diapers, but so far practicing on the baby doll has proven that it is easier than it looks!

  3. The worst gift we got was a baby-sized, homeboy, rapper's outfit--with fake Timberlands and all. Granted, it was from someone in NYC--and maybe this is what all the cool babes are sporting there, but I doubt it. The worst part was when I had to put it on my baby when they came to visit...luckily no pictures were taken :) I felt like the worst mom putting him it on him, but he didn't seem to mind. I will get back to you in about 15 years to let you know if it left any lasting impressions.

  4. The worst gift I got was with the best gift I got. My father gave me a bassinet that had been in my family for three generations - which I was very happy about. But he also "made" and new mattress out of foam rubber and stuffing that he thought would be nice and soft for the baby to sleep on. He really thought it was nice of him to make a mattress and didn't understand why I didn't want my baby to sleep on a homemade pillow. I have ordered a proper bassinet mattress!

  5. The worst baby gifts that I got were from people (i.e. my parent's friends) who clearly didn't realize when my baby was due and bought clothes out of season for when he would be that age. Then they didn't include gift receipts so when I went to return them, I got the lowest price offered.

  6. The worst shower gift I got was a metal water bottle clearly not made for an infant. The gift-giver also enclosed a matching bib that would be more useful...except that it was pink with a large flower on it, and I'm having a boy.