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Clutch Registry Items: Local Moms Weigh In

Does registering have you completely confused? Not sure if you’re registering for the right stuff?

All of the baby stores in the area can provide you with an extensive checklist of the things they think you need for baby.  To be fair, they do cover most of the important stuff -- but they also manage to throw in minute crap that can cause you to go a bit overboard (and insane) when registering.  So, instead of reinventing the wheel and creating my own registry checklist, I asked moms in the area the following question, “What was the most useful baby gift you received that you’d recommend to others?”  The response was pretty overwhelming.  Some of the items below are on the big box store checklists, but there are a number of other excellent recommendations that the checklists don’t cover at all!  Hope this helps as you create your registry!

I’ve added most of these items to EITB’s Recommended Products Store so you can check them out.  If the item is from a specialty store, the link is included below. 

Thanks to all the moms who participated! You guys rock!

Here’s what they had to say:


Ultimate Crib Sheet.  “If you have a crib with slats on all four sides (and not a solid wood back) I highly recommend this crib sheet.  It’s a sheet and waterproof pad all in one.  Snaps to cribs slats – which makes changing it soo easy—especially in the middle of the night!” (Beth H., Jennifer L., Meighan W.)

Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad. “I received this as a gift when I had my son 16 months ago and I am still using it. In addition, I have given it to other expecting mothers…and they are in love with it as well.”  (Diana D).

Angel Care Monitor.  Not just your ordinary baby monitor. Keeps track of movement.  If you tend to be paranoid about baby’s breathing…this might be the gift for you.  (Heather S.)

Breathable Bumper.  Keeps baby’s arms and legs from getting caught in slats and also keeps pacifiers from falling out of the crib. (Marie N.)

Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper. “A godsend. This has been where my baby has slept from four weeks until now since she is such a spitter-upper. It allows her to stay elevated in a safe place after eating when she falls asleep immediately (the sleeper is certified for sleeping), and we find ourselves using it as another seating option in addition to her swing and bouncy chair. It's about a foot and a half off the ground so it's nice on the parents' backs! It rocks - manually - and is just the perfect thing for a newborn. I can't recommend it highly enough, and I expect it may be my standard shower gift from now on.” (Emily C.)

Sheet Savers.  Ok these are like mini versions of the ultimate crib sheet. (Beth H.)

Sound Machine. (multiple moms)

Snuzzler.  Holds baby in car set when very small.  Keeps baby’s head from slumping down. Very cozy and warm.  (Cara L.)


Sleep blankets

Aden and Anais. “These are the best swaddle blankets in the whole wide world. I am still using them for both of my kids, 16 months and 3 years, as regular blankets.”

Miracle Blanket. “It's amazing - swaddles babies up so tight they have no choice but to lie there and sleep! Wonderful in the beginning when you are just trying to get them to go 4-5 hour stretches. Love it.” (Kelly K./Melissa B.)

Halo Sleep Sack. (Jennifer L., Stacy P.)

The Woombie! (Maureen)

Larger blankets

Bunny Tail Blankets.  “Love these! -- the perfect stroller blanket”  (Lexi K.)

Little Giraffe Blankets/ Bath towels (Gail C.)

Mr. Bobbles Blankets. “Received one as a gift for my first child.  Loved it so much bought one for the second! They're made by a local mom in Silver Spring.” (Ashley M.)

My Three Cuties Big Cutie Blanket.  So cute and soft. A local Alexandria company. (Colleen M.)


Snap & Go Stroller. You are probably going to be tempted to buy a stroller system when you register—it just seems like the thing to do.  But know that you have other options!  The snap and go is essentially a frame with a storage bin and wheels that you snap your car seat into.  Ok it’s the not prettiest thing, but it is so light and easy to use (and has a cup holder!) -- you will love it!  When little one is ready for a real stroller at 6 months or so, invest in a cool one that is lightweight—travel stroller systems are notoriously bulky and heavy!  (Magin B., Anastasia, Kristen C., Cara L.)

Baby Swing (Maxine M.)
Bouncy Seat (Kristen C.)

Ergo Baby Carrier. "the BEST for big babies . . . saves your back from lots of pain." (Meighan W.)


Burp Cloths.  “Get good burp cloths, you’ll need them! Buy a package of cloth diapers instead of the crappy things they sell as burp cloths.  Cloth diapers have some weight to them and will stay put on your shoulder. They are also much larger than regular burp cloths and cover more of your clothes-protecting them from the inevitable and frequent spit ups!” “Also, consider buying extra wash cloths, they’ll come in handy!” (Cara L., Dayna B., Anastasia D., Kristen C.)

Day & Night Bottle Warmer.  Keep this in your bathroom or the baby’s room for nighttime feedings. It’s a cooler and warmer in one.  All you do is take your cool bottle out and drop it into the warmer.  No running to the kitchen in the middle of the night…super convenient! (Andrew L.)

Towels. My husband picked up stack of bar towels from Costco. I used them for everything from burp cloths to wiping up baby after meals.  My daughter is two and I still use them to clean her up after meals!  (Nancy H.)


Lanolin.  The girls are gonna get a bit roughed up—this helps them from getting too severely chapped/cracked. “Start using it before you need it!” (pack it in your go bag)  (Anastasia, Nancy H., Kristen C., et al)

Nursing pads.  “Get the good ones, like Lansinoh, that stick in your bra.”  (Purvi, Karen L)

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer.  Cause you’re going to be tired/dazed and will often forget to look at the clock when you’re nursing. Timer has three or four other functions to track feedings, diaper changes, etc. (Lisa S.)

Hands-free Pumping Bra!  (Kathleen W., Dana L.)

Cooling Breast Pads (Gail C.)

Nursing Cover. aka hooter hider. (Allison H.)


“One of the best shower gifts I received was an already packed diaper bag!” (Magin B.)

Diaper Genie Refills. “If you are getting a diaper genie—put a lot of refills on your registry.  No one will buy them but you can use your completion discount to buy them at a discounted rate after baby comes!” (Emily B.)

“Disposable diaper changing pads and the little baggies to put dirty diapers, dirty/wet clothes in while you are out.” (Sally D.)

Extra changing station if you live in a house or town house with multiple floors (Stacy P.)

Case(s) of diapers (Stacy P.)


“Little Tummies Gas Drops! They soothe any baby!” (Sarah T)

“Little Tummies Gripe Water!” (Cara L.)

Best gifts people received that weren’t on their registry

Baby Briefcase.  An organizer for all things baby from receipts to baby’s important  paperwork. (Beth H.)

Home cooked meals from friends after baby was born! (Multiple Moms!)

Maternity Photo Session. (Amanda S.)

“One of my friends gave me an emergency basket with EVERYTHING - Tylenol, Motrin, Mylicon, Desitin, along with a ton of other goodies that really saved me when my kid got sick for the first time!” (Saralyn T.)

“I got a gift card for Picture People. Since a year of pics were practically paid for, I kept going every four months or so. I still take my kids twice a year. It has become a tradition. Also, at my shower there was a basket of things to help get me through delivery and the hospital stay. “(Courtney C.)

“A consultation with a lactation consultant and a post-birth doula.” (Magin B.)

“I started giving my close friends who were becoming first time moms a welcome back from the hospital kit. It is a plain brown box filled with the things that you might not have known that you would need and might not want to ask your hubby to buy. Extra strength pain relievers, Tucks wipes, deluxe maxi pads, etc.” (Liz M.)

“Donated leave from my co-workers so I can extend my maternity leave” (Sarah C.)

“A gift card for a cleaning service to use after the baby is born” (Sarah C.)

“Gift cards for a food delivery service.” (Sarah C.)

“Infant massage class/ mommy and me yoga classes.”  (Sarah C.)

Book of advise from family (Pat)

“Inchworm bottle labels with baby’s name” (if going to daycare) (Gail C.)

Grocery bag of healthy pre-made and easy to prepare meals. (Stacy P.)

Support from a life/parenting coach. (Beth M.)

Favorite Books Received

Happiest Baby on the Block
Nursing Mothers Companion
Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child
Baby 411

Have another recommendation to add? Feel free to add it in the comment section below!

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