Monday, June 21, 2010

Prego Fashionistas: This One's For You

Ok if you are looking for some high end maternity clothes, denim, or a really nice diaper bag--but can't bring yourself to spend the cash on something you're only going to wear for like 7 months (or use for like a year)--you might want to check out Gilt Groupe's sale today.  Gilt Groupe is an online private sale club.  You sign up (free) and each day you are sent the deals of the day/week.  The prices are up to 70% off retail.  I bring this up today because my friend alerted me to some awesome stuff going on sale starting at noon today.

Here's what they have going on sale today:

Paige Premium Denim - Maternity
Chaiken Maternity & Diaper Bags
Mia Bossi Diaper Bags
+ More

Here's the link:
Scroll down to the bottom to see today's sales

If you are a subscriber I already sent you an invite to join-just click through.

Also, today's VA Groupon is for The Denim Bar, a high end denim shop in Arlington.  For $50 you get  $125 credit toward jeans.  They carry Paige, Citizen, Joe's, J Brand, Hudson, among others.  I'm thinking I might gift myself this now and then I'll have some motivation to lose the baby weight since I have to use the credit by Dec 20!

There are lots of great online private sales like Gilt Groupe, but for kids and moms! I'll talk about that another day!
Have a great day!


  1. One fashionista, multiple fashionistas. No apostrophe.

  2. Thanks...I think. I don't have a whole lot of time to edit these with a 21 month running around.